[Vwdiesel] got it running, but some electrical problems

Holly danew at cybersol.com
Wed Dec 18 21:46:05 EST 2002

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Hi all,

   Thanks so much for all of your help getting my daughters VW diesel Rabbi=
t running. It's running great, but the oil light won't go out.   I changed =
the sensor that screws into the head. I replaced the connector to it. I hav=
e checked the fuses's.   I pulled the sensor out and with my finger over th=
e hole, (I on't have a gauge) it had really had good pressure, I couldn't k=
eep my finger over the hole without oil squirting out.   I thought I saw in=
 one of my books the possibility of a bad ground associated with the fuse b=
ox.  Any suggestions.



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