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Thanks for the information.  Looks like a trip to Autozone or the like is in the works some time this week.
I will do some poking around and let you know what I am able to find. Thank you very much for searching up there.
Happy Holidays.
Mike H.
 Sandy Cameron <scameron at compmore.net> wrote:I went to Canadian Tire today and studied the frost plug block heater.

1. It looks like CTC on-line is not set up for US business

2. The one CTC sells for the 1.6 diesel is the same for the A2 gassers.

3. It's made by the Canadian subsidiary of a US company.

Here's the dope.

Made by Canadian sub of :

Eden Prairie MN, USA

ZEROSTART block heaters


Phillips & Temro Industries Inc
9700 West 74th Street
Eden Prairie Minnesota
U.S.A. 55344
Telephone: 952-941-9700
Phillips & Temro Industries Ltd
100 Paquin Road
Winnipeg Manitoba
Canada R2J 3V4
Telephone: 204-667-2260
Phillips & Temro products are
available at most automotive retail stores,
including Pep Boys, Checker Auto Stores,
Western Auto, and others. Also, you can find
ZeroStart products at CarQuest stores under their
respective packaging. For more information,
please contact Customer Service. Thank you.

400 watts

number stamped on heater...LR1843 (probably Temro's number)

CTC stock number...30-3271-4
Cost...abt. $22:00CDN ($15US?)

Any US FLAPS should have the TEMRO heaters available.



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