[Vwdiesel] Blower Motor/Fan Assembly

E. J. Gilbert gilbeej at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 22 10:20:20 EST 2002

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Hi Guys,

I am searching for a Blower Motor/fan assembly to fit a 1981 VW diesel PU. =
 The VW part number is 175.820.021A .  After the racket with fan on kept in=
creasing, I bit the bullet and pulled the blower motor.  The front bearing =
is worn out letting the squirrel cage rub on the housing.  It was quite a j=
ob to get everything loose so that the blower motor could be pulled.  Am wi=
lling to buy a new one or a good used one.  Have one from an AC VW, but it =
is the wrong style and will not fit.  Any ideas or sources would be appreci=


I only drive old cars :1981 Caddy, 1958 Mercedes 220S coupe, 1995 Mercedes =
e320, 1987 Mercedes 300D, 1984 Jetta turbodiesel

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