[Vwdiesel] Glow Plug Adventures

Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Mon Dec 23 10:29:26 EST 2002

A neat trick to get those 8MM nuts on is to take a straight piece of
coathanger wire and place its end against the plug terminal (stud) and
slide the nut down the wire. Then take a long screwdriver and spin the
nut to get it started on the plug terminal.

I also take the same LONG screwdriver and duct tape it to my 8 MM
combination wrench (and 12 MM one) to get the reach I need to get at the
plugs and their nuts.


Al Stumbaugh wrote:

> Hi Out There:
>      Never replaced the glow plugs before. Getting
> them out wasn't too bad. Used an 8mm wrench to get
> the buss bar nuts off. Used a long 12mm open end
> wrench to get the old ones loosened. A very long
> pair of longnose pliers, the 12mm wrench and lots
> of patience to get them out.
>      Could not find a torque spec on them, then
> realized, Duh! There would be no way to measure
> it anyway. Pretended they were spark plugs and
> tightened them the same.
>      Then came the dreaded little nuts to bolt
> up the buss bar. I magentized a long, flat blade
> screwdriver with a 1/4" tip. Put the washer on
> the glow plug and held the nut onto the end
> with the magnetized screwdriver. Used a razor
> knife with a sharp point to turn the nut the
> first turn to get it started. A scribe or even
> a steak kinfe with a sharp point would work.
>      Put a small drop of anti-seize on the
> glow plug threds so they would not stick in
> the heads. Is there a preferred kind for this?
> The stuff I used looked like aluminum toothpaste.
>      I put a star washer between the buss bar
> and the wire that goes up to the fuse.
>      Would have been better to wire each plug
> with its own feed wire, but just did not have
> the time to go looking for a suitable wire.
> My electrician buddy suggested # 12  wire,
> What kind of wire have you used out there?
> There is good aircraft wire that would stand
> up, but it is expensive.
>      Is there a push on connector that would
> carry the current and stay in place?
>      You can get a magentizer tool at most
> hardware stores for about $3.00 US.
>      My two cents for today.
> Al
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