[Vwdiesel] Trans oil

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Mon Dec 30 11:01:10 EST 2002

dennis pantazis wrote:
> i am chaging my grear lube as well. i am reading the bentley manual and the
> only thing it referes to is checking and topping off the lube for manual
> trans. i see a drain plug on the final drive/diff as well, but no fill hole.
> they cover the final drive in the automatic section.
> do the manual tranny and diff share the same lube?  i would think so, but i
> want to make sure.
> aside from draining, is there anything special i need to do if i switch from
> unknown, presumably dino lube to synthetic gear lube?

In the manual tranny the oil is shared, I run Redline MTL in my 020 transaxle.  Drain from the plug under the final drive, fill
(w/ 2 liters or 2.1 qts.) with oil through the fill plug my the green cap on the end or via a bolt or speedo cable hole in the
top.  I fill mine to the volume, not by when oil comes out of the fill hole.


Don't think the oil is shared in the automatic, since they spec two different types of oil (ATF and hypoid gear oil) and two
different fill amounts.  Not clear by the description where the final drive unit is filled from.  Never looked at a VW
automatic, so just guessing there would be a bolt or plug on top of the final drive unit itself.

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