[Vwdiesel] where is temp gauge sensor supposed to go ?

maded maded at gte.net
Tue Dec 31 20:03:51 EST 2002

New Years' Greetings from Seattle!

The coolant temp gauge on our 85 Golf 1.6na diesel has been reading low.  I
recall the needle sitting just left (cool) of the center of the gauge when
fully warmed up.  It sits now only at the 1st third of scale, just above the
white area indicating "cold".  This despite the heater running so hot that
it is uncomfortable to hold a hand at the vent. So I changed the sensor.
No change in gauge reading.  The gauge will peg and the blinky lite will
blink when the green yellow (or blue-yellow- it is faded) wire is grounded.
Any ideas what is going on?  Apparently only one will fit this year car so
pretty sure sensor is correct. Any one know what the sensor resistance is
supposed to be at say, 212F?

Also, which sensor is supposed to be used by the coolant gauge and which by
the glow sensor?  Bentley is unclear about this.  The '85+ book seems to
infer (cannot find a direct, exact reference) the gauge sensor is the one at
the fitting attached to the side of the head which hose leads to radiator,
the pre 85 book seems to indicate the sensor used for gauge is at the end of
the block, nearest transmission.  The sensors themselves are supposed to be
identical according to my FLAPS.  The blue/white wire is for the glow plug
temp sensor.

While I am here, another question: How can I tighten up the steering in the
Golf (200K + miles)?  There is a lot of play in the steering wheel and the
RF Strut assy. was replaced due to a bent strut, the wheel assy. too.
Mechanic just got the whole thing at the wreckers.  Now it goes "clunk-bang"
when backing or turning sharply.  Also has a skittish unstable feel at
highway speeds though tracks straight as an arrow hands off at under 30mph.

Wishing for a happy, prosperous New Year to all,

Ed Lowe, Seattle
82 Westy diesel upgrading to 1.9td
85 Golf diesel
92 Cabrio
97 Passat Tdi

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