[Vwdiesel] diesel thermostat

Joel Hembel jhembel at execpc.com
Wed Feb 6 18:17:24 EST 2002

Try an original VW thermostat-  they seem to heat much better.  Designed to work
with the car?!  I have experienced this myself.  When my car when new, you could
actually burn your hands (when the heat was coming out of the dash vents).  Then
my thermostat failed, and I replaced it with a generic unit of the same temp
range from your friendly auto parts store.  The car warmed up, but heat was never
better than warm.  I checked an it was closing and opening properly; but heat was
still sub par when compared to what it used to be.  So after a month that, I
drained the radiator once again and installed a new VW thermostat.  Bingo! I can
roast weenies once again from the dash board vents!  Joel Hembel

Travelbike at aol.com wrote:

> Is there a thermostat with a higher temp rating than the typically used on
> with the 87 degree rating ?  My engine seems to run too cold.  Changed the
> thermoastat maybe a few months back.  Tried covering the radiator with some
> sheet metal - improved slightly but putting a higher temp thermostat might be
> better.
> Again thanks
> J Gaerlan.
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