[Vwdiesel] Stall during wet & wooly weather

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Fri Feb 8 21:55:09 EST 2002

>  I'm not sure what the problem was, but I'm quite sure that this was NOT it.
> There is so little "squish" area between the head and piston on a diesel
> that it takes a very small amount of water to hydrolock one. This is a bad
> thing. If it happens at idle, you might get lucky and not damage anything,
> but at speed it has been known to bend rods and other nasty things. Probably
> about on par with losing the timing belt as far as destruction goes.

	We bought a parts engine (D24) that did that.  Put the rods
through the side of the block.  Easy to diaganose.

	I had the fuel selenoid wire give out on me once.  Spade
connector lost it's crimping power.  Took me months to find
it.  Drove around heavy Dallas traffic all that time with an
engine that sporadically shut down.  We also have cars with
the cracked wire insulation.  Shame nobody makes the wiring
kits for our VW's like they do for some other cars.  You
know, the kind that includes every wire in the car.  I'd
love to be able to replace with original coloured wire.
Makes tracing them much easier.


	'85 Jetta TD

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