[Vwdiesel] Emission testing in Ontario, Canada

Duncan L. Forbes duncan.forbes at ints.com
Thu Feb 14 06:54:55 EST 2002

> <<<<But there was discussion long ago of a "snap throttle" test.
> Again looking at exhaust opacity.>>>>
> California is BIG on this for HD diesel trucks.  They have
> special opacity meters w/ gray scales in use for testing.

The county I live in (Clark) in Washington State requires emission checks on
all vehicles, diesel included. Diesel vehicles have an opacity test, which
from my understanding is based upon a standard allowable output with no
compensation for age of the vehicle.

My car failed 3 times last year before I got it to pass on the 4th
inspection. The state allows an exemption after you fail, but you have to
show that you spent at least $500 to try and rectify the issue and still
failed. Needless to say I corrected it on my own. I believe this law is
designed to get cars off the road as many old cars aren't worth the $500 (or
more) required to get them to pass emissions.

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