[Vwdiesel] Timing Belt Tension

Dan Cotter cotter at mhtc.net
Thu Feb 14 19:22:45 EST 2002

I run the engine with the new belt installed and cover off;
race the rpms up and watch the longest reaches of belt travel;
I tighten the belt just to the point where it stops vibrating inward and
as the engine decelerates. The belt travels smoothly at all rpms up and
Do not overtighten it. If it hummmms or howls it is way too tight. This is
not scientific but has served me well for hundreds of thousands miles, never
had a belt break.
good luck

> What is the correct way to estimate the timing belt tension on a 1600 NA
> without the special VW tool? The original belt was low milage and
> with moderate effort to 45 degrees. I had to pull the injection pump in
> to extract a busted bolt from the air conditioner compressor bracket. I
> to replace the belt since I had it off.
> m alexander
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