[Vwdiesel] Timing w/o tools? and HELP!!

Tom Wandel tjwandel at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 18 14:10:56 EST 2002

I am still having trouble w/my 81 caddy and my brother's 84 rabbit. The cars
will not run smooth. If you increase the rpm's slowly, when you get to a
certain rpm all of a sudden the rpm's increase rapidly and there is alot of
vibration. Also when driving, if you try to hold a steady speed, the vehicle
hesitates and jerks. That is solved by holding the pedal to the floor b/c
then it is smooth. We both have had the fuel lines break at the union to the
injectors. This problem is driving us nuts. I had my mechanic check the
timing & everything is fine. At my mechanic's suggestion, I connected the
in/out fuel lines to a 6 gal can of fuel, to see if the problem persists. It
still happened, which would tell me that air is not leaking into the fuel
lines. Besides, there's really no trouble starting the vehicles. I really
don't know what to check next. I was thinking about replacing the pump, I
bought one just in case. The only other things I can think of are the
injectors themselves or the valves being out of adjustment. The weird thing
is the problem happened to both of us at relatively the same time. We buy
fuel at the same place. Could we have gotten a bad batch of fuel that ruined
our pumps? I am ready to try replacing the pump, but do not have the tools
to set the timing. Back to the subject of the post, is it possible to set
the timing w/o tools, and how? If I can replace the pump w/o buying the
tools or paying my mechanic that would be more than great. Sorry for the
long post, but the trouble has been going on too long and I need to resolve
it. I am hoping that all of you diesel gurus out there will have the
Thanks in advance,

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