[Vwdiesel] Re: vwdiesel digest, Vol 1 #32 - NOt really VW but diesel

Ron Schroeder rjs at bnl.gov
Wed Feb 20 12:09:21 EST 2002

Hi Hayden,

Great engine, rust prone body and frame.

Ron Schroeder
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nite 631 286-5677

> Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:16:59 -0600
> From: <dieseltdi at earthlink.net>
> To: AudiVW diesel mail list <Audi-VW-diesels at onelist.com>,
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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] NOt really VW but diesel
> I have recently located an 81 Isuzu diesel pickup.  I haven't had much
> exposure to the Japanese diesels but the reputation of the Isuzu diesel
> seems to be good. Engine was over hauled at 200,000 miles and it now how
> about 250000 miles on it (i think, I am trying to recall from memory.
> Anyway, any thoughts on adding this to my stable for my some to drive
> we do a serious restoration on his Corrado (requisite VW content)?  Hayden
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