[Vwdiesel] diesel van starting problems

childres at juno.com childres at juno.com
Thu Jan 17 15:24:00 EST 2002

My brother in law in Romania is having problems with his diesel van. He
has written me the following:
Woody, thanks for the note. Part of the problem is that I know all of the

names for the parts in Romanian but not in English since I've only owned
diesel over here. Inside the injector pump there is another pump that
the fuel into the injector pump. That draw pump has broken so I've put an

extra electric pump into the line to keep the pressure up. The problem is

that now the pressure is too high so it's not really working. Also the 
electric pump is for gas so the frozen diesel really clogs it up. If I
in the states I'd just take off the injector pump and have it fixed and
it back on. The problem would be taken care of in a day instead of all
rigging I've done for 4 months.... I don't think there's anything you can
at this point unless you see an electric fuel pump that operates under
bar psi (I'd be interested in the cost - especially if it was a pump for 
diesel) It needs to be a pump that is exterior (not in the tank). Don't 
spend much time looking - it's not worth it.

**Thanks, I appreciate any advise anyone can provide**
childres at juno.com
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