[Vwdiesel] diesel van starting problems

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 18 00:24:15 EST 2002

> that now the pressure is too high so it's not really working. Also the
> electric pump is for gas so the frozen diesel really clogs it up. If I
> were
> in the states I'd just take off the injector pump and have it fixed and
> put
> it back on. The problem would be taken care of in a day instead of all
> this
> rigging I've done for 4 months.... I don't think there's anything you can
> do
> at this point unless you see an electric fuel pump that operates under
> .07
> bar psi (I'd be interested in the cost - especially if it was a pump for
> diesel) It needs to be a pump that is exterior (not in the tank). Don't
> spend much time looking - it's not worth it.
One way would be to use a fuel pressure regulator, or any liquid pressure
regulator that is compatible with diesel.  That, or mount the fuel tank on the
roof..... ;-) Can the broken pump's guts be removed? They might be interfering
with flow also.  Cold diesel shouldn't clog it up either- if the fuel is
gelling, try mixing in some kerosene if available, or some unleaded gasoline.
 Refer to the old A1 manual for instructions on this, it's pretty
straightforward. I  have a fuel pressure reg on my Ghia for the dual weber
IDF's- it's adjustable from .5 to 5 psi.  Electric fuel pumps come in different
pressure ranges also- to make 3psi, or to make 30 psi, depends on what you
have.  If it was intended to run a car's fuel injection system, it might very
well be way too high (up in the 30's).  Facet makes one that delevers 3psi
consistently, and then you can easily regulate it to give 1.15 psi or .07 bar.

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