[Vwdiesel] Mi Caddy

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 17 15:49:41 EST 2002

how good is the battery?
i notice a big difference in cranking/starting with a 'good' battery and
a 'very good' battery.
    (very good batt. cables as well)
hows the compression?
my old 1.5 did the same thing this time last year...
    comp. was to low to go.(when cool) :o/


chris wrote:
> My 1.5 1980 Caddy is hard to start.
> Battery is good.
> I have no visible bubbles in the fuel line.
> I have four good glow plugs.
> They are functioning properly.
> I just crank and crank and sometimes I kill the battery.
> I re charge and kill it again.
> Push it down a little hill in third and it starts everytime.
> If I start it again it starts right away.
> Sitting for more than three hours seems to be the magic number.

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