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Bryan Foust bfoust at ntws.net
Fri Jan 18 09:32:37 EST 2002

I had a problem with the fuel return line leaking on the Mercedes.  I took a
sample of hose so that the counter person could measure the correct size
replacement.  When they, and another auto parts store didn't have the
correct size, I ended up at all places a small engine repair shop.  Two
stroke fuel line is rated for oil, and will work in our applications.  The
yellow fuel line is actually translucent, so you can even see the fuel
inside.  There are several sizes of this fuel line and all are in the small
diameter range of the injector and pump return lines.  Give them a try.  It
cost me $6 to redo all of my return lines on the MB.  I'm going to do the
same to the 1.9L TD when I get it installed in the Suzuki.


1980 Mercedes 240D sedan
1988.5 Suzuki Samurai Hardtop
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>     While I was changing injectors and their return lines, I noticed
> dampness around the return hose that goes from a barbed connection at the
> pump back towards the tank.  It seems to be of a slightly larger diameter
> than the short return hoses that run from injector to injector and back to
> the pump.
>     I snipped a bit of the apparently larger hose and plugged it back in,
> but noticed that the cloth covering was a bit brittle.  Apparently this
> isn't the first snip job; rather than making a gentle bend from the timing
> belt cover to the fitting on the pump, the shortened hose must make a
> severe bend.  I suspect that it won't be long until the barb wears through
> and I have another leak.
>     Does anyone know what size this hose is, how long it is, and where I
> might find a suitable replacement?
>     TIA,
>     Scott Kair
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