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Fri Jan 18 11:23:52 EST 2002

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I hate to be the one to disagree with Loren ( I'll get email on this one)
but I notice nobody blamed the STARTER. So, the question beg's to be
asked...Are you sure the starter is turning over fast enough? When we got
our beloved '84 Jetta TD last spring I told my wife it wasn't going to start
this winter when it started to get cold. Since she moved to her mothers
house this summer I haven't replaced it for her and now it sits in the
driveway and will NOT start. Her dad ( non-mechanical as they come) had her
buy a new battery, which didn't work. They threw out the old battery and I
happened to drive by and pick it up before it went out in the trash. ( it
was a 7 year battery which was only a year or two old) I tested it and since
it was in great shape it now sits in my 2 door Rabbit which starts just
fine! They have tried jump starting the Jetta, to no avail. The only way
they can start it is to cycle the glow plugs and push it. I know for a fact
that the glow plugs are in great working order and that there is  a new
battery. The compression is good all the way across. ( new head and gasket
last summer) That leaves the problem I told her about last year..the starter
is dragging. Once started it will re-start just fine within a short time.
 shorter with lower temps. up to a couuple hours with warmer temps.) It has
been below freezing for much of the last 2 months so it just sits in the
driveway right now. It's not high on my priority list right now, but when I
get around to it I MAY feel kind enough to fix it for them. ( spare starters
in the basement) This may sound cold, but, she has after all blown up 3 of
my vehicles in the last year including my beloved Gray-Market Mercedes

Chris are you in Mi.? If so , where are you? If you are within a reasonable
distance from me I would be happy to give you a hand..Tom


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