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Scott, et al,,   This I must share. At my local friendly hardware
store I discovered they have bulk flex tubing(hose) meant for toy fuel powered
aircraft. The sizes seem to be at least close to what our Diesel caddies use( 3
mm for fuel return from each injector) but I do not know the other sizes( they
can be measured using a drill bit and some math,, 1 mm = .0396 ( from memory)
)..I would not enjoy replacing the entire line, would rather splice in some
copper which can easily be swedged one size larger.. Adrian the hammer

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     While I was changing injectors and their return
lines, I noticed

dampness around the return hose that goes from a barbed connection at

pump back towards the tank.  It seems to be of a slightly larger

than the short return hoses that run from injector to injector and back

the pump.

    I snipped a bit of the apparently larger hose and
plugged it back in,

but noticed that the cloth covering was a bit
brittle.  Apparently this

isn't the first snip job; rather than making a gentle bend from the

belt cover to the fitting on the pump, the shortened hose must make a

severe bend.  I suspect that it won't be long until the barb
wears through

and I have another leak.

    Does anyone know what size this hose is, how long
it is, and where I

might find a suitable replacement?


    Scott Kair

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