[Vwdiesel] Re: fuel return lines

Laws Home backintime at triton.net
Fri Jan 18 19:42:02 EST 2002

Are you guys talking about the balance lines that run from injector to
injector and finally into the I/P ? Or the larger one that goes from the I/P
back to the tank? They are both cloth braided on the outside, one is larger
I get both from a local source, seems like about $2 per foot ( something
like $3.75 per meter)  I tried to get the smaller diameter in a "roll" of
close to 50' but the guy wont sell it to me like that. I annually use...2' X
6 Vw's = 12' plus 3' per Mercedes = 6' plus 4' for the Ford .....a total of
22' of the smaller dia. and about the same amount of the larger stuff. I
guess the guy just wants to sell it to me at a higher "per foot" price
rather than sell it to me by the roll.??? It seems like Nate found some of
the plastic stuff to use in lieu of the rubber..NATE!!!! was it you who
found floueroelastomer line in 5mm? Little help here! Tom

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