[Vwdiesel] What's up with the list?

Laws Home backintime at triton.net
Fri Jan 18 19:47:43 EST 2002

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Can anyone explain why this happens? When I get my digest, I can't hit the =
"reply" button and send a reply! The address on my digest says vwdiesel at vwf=
ans.com  so when I hit reply it should go to the listserver right? I always=
 get a failure notice and returned mail. If however, I retype the address t=
o vwdiesel at audifans.com  it goes through just fine. So the big question is =
why does the mail NOT go back to where it came from????? But rather "from v=
wfans" and back through "audifans". Is it just me? ( yup, left myself wide =
open on that one) Tom

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