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Bryan, what on earth are you doing with a Saturn  ?? My bro has one,
it may be the best car he has ever owned, but then he has never had a Honda
Accord or a VW Passat or a VW Diesel.... Adrian the old man

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Yes, I agree.  I have even heard of people using the model plane
diesels to

experiment with bio diesel.  The stuff WILL run in them.


1980 Mercedes 240D sedan

1988.5 Suzuki Samurai Hardtop

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  Nate, You are wrong.  There is a distinct difference between
Model Glow

  fuel and Model Diesel Fuel.  Go pick up the yellow pages and
look under

  hobbies.  find a shop that does radio control turbines or
large scale

  model airplanes.  DRIVE to the shop so they can show you
this stuff.


  Pickup a copy of RCM while you are there so you can brush up on

  stuff :)


  On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 08:29:38 -0hat y500 "Nate Wall"  NWall at envasns.org


    ** Proprietary **

    you get

    the kind that is for 'smoke oil' or diesel model engines' it


    tygon, typically comes in yellow see thru, and is
cheap.  like 1


    per foot.  Tygon is the brand name most model stores

    Diesel, as used w/ model airplane engines just referrs to

    compression ignition (via hot wire).  These are the

    methanol/nitromethane w/ castor oil fueled engines w/ the glow

    (platinum wire coil) in the cylinder head.  Nothing to
do w/ diesel

    fuel or oil.




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