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  Thank you, Glenn,  Your stereo must sound great.. thus it
will be soon tyme to visit the local friendly junk yard for some panels.

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I've got 4x6 speakers in the doors, mounted using the map

enclosures from an A1 Jetta, and it works well.

It's worth mentioning that I also have 3 1/2" speakers in the dash,

2-way subwoofer boxes with 8" subs behind the seats, so I'm not relying

those door speakers exclusively!

However, it is one way to get a relatively unobtrusive mounting

in the doors.

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   Adrian the madman also recieves the Clutchfield catalog and
its good to

hear a recomendation..  Anyway, for a caddy, were would locate
the large

speakers, in the door ?? A while back we had a '76 Saab 2 dr with the

speakers facing the seats, lower section.. But the sound was great and ,

possible, I would do the VW caddy the same way, so what do you-all


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  Yeah, Best Buy will be glad to help out.  My son got a

  $400 stereo and four speakers for another $200 from

  Best Buy for Christmas.  They were purchased during a

  "free installation" special and the salesperson said

  that they would honor the "free installation" after

  Christmas since they were a gift.  My son goes back

  after Christmas and they want $180 to install the

  system.  Yeah, right!  I went to Crutchfield

  bought a $18 harness and plan on doing it myself.

  Plus, Crutchfield stands behind what they sell and

  provide excellent customer service.

  --- Picolosn4 at aol.com

    The easiest way to do it is to go up to best buy or

    a car audio store and buy

    a harness from them. They will probably help you out

    a little with the

    install too.


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