[Vwdiesel] Alt. light on at high RPM's

Fernando Fiore ecodiesel1 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 17:16:18 EST 2002

Little balls rolling out of the regulator hole as well, I guess I forgot to
mention that as well :)  Yeah, I took it apart and the pieces of bearing and
steel balls scraped a lot of insulation off all over the place.  I was also
pressed for time and without some shop resources (at school instead of home)
so I gave in and bought a rebuilt at pep boys for $90.  Not a bad price, but
I really hate their rebuilt garbage.  At least I have a lifetime warranty,
so I can change an alternator pretty quick.  The first one I got had a loose
bolt inside which holds a plate housing the front bearing, so had to change
it AGAIN in the parking lot (Keep in mind this is February in Rochester,
NY).  Oh well, thats my story


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>alt. problem ended up being a rear bearing failure, as I took the regulator
>to see how the brushes were, and remnants of bearings and dust shields lay
>on the bottom...>>>>
>Are you sure the rear bearing failed?  Years ago I thought the same when
>the pulley had lots of up and down play.  Disassembly revealed the plastic
>bearing carrier got loose and spun w/ the rear bearing, which wore out the
>bearing recess in the rear case half.  It was so bad the rotor had begun to
>rub the field coils.  I used aluminum (the real) duct tape and wrapped it
>around the bearing as a "Temporary" fix to take up the slack.  That was in
>1992.  The alternator failed last year!  Got at least 9 years and about
>150,000 extra miles out of it!  It got replaced w/ a $40 e-Bay special that
>was recently rebuilt!  Talk about luck.
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