[Vwdiesel] Can somebody tell me about Quantums?

Duncan L. Forbes duncan.forbes at ints.com
Thu Jan 24 10:47:59 EST 2002

Well I don't want to be the one voice of negative comments about the Quantum
but I did not like the 86 Quantum I owned.

I personally found the interior to be cramped, and I am of average size but
I felt claustrophobic in it. It was my wife's car, she liked it, but she is
quite petite. The cargo capacity of the trunk while good suffered because of
the opening being small. This greatly limited what could be put into it. We
had trouble with our strollers and using the ski boot. Additionally due to
the configuration of the back doors I had great difficulty lifting my kids
in and out of their car seats in the back seat. I also found it to have poor
sound insulation so that the interior cabin was rather noisy. And as has
been said, it suffered from all the usual electrical gremlins I have come to
associate with Bosch/German electrics which has been a consistent experience
through all the Audi's, VW's and even the Volvo's I have owned.

I also ended up rebuilding the transmission & differential in mine twice at
approximately 60K mile intervals due to the seal between the differential
and transmission leaking. (The reason it happened twice at 60K and 120K was
that I never would have suspected this problem on a "new" car, so when it
did happen I was told by the dealership that this was a fluke incident that
they had never seen before. So lulled into complacency by this statement,
when changing my oil I was not always consistent about checking the
transmission and differential fluid levels. Much to my chagrin at 120K the
tranny went belly up again. My independent VW mechanic said that on this 089
tranny he saw this happen all the time and that if I had been checking I
could have caught the bad seal before the transmission fried. This was a
very expensive lesson to learn.)

Other than this it handled well and drove like every VW/Audi I have ever
owned, which is to say in a word wonderfully. It had a lot of nice amenities
that I liked. My major dislikes have to do with size of the interior and
cargo areas and the transmission problems.


Brian wrote:
> Hi all- have a chance to buy a Quantum with a 1.9 TD in it. I
> know absolutly
> nothing about them! Are these good cars? I know the engine isnt mounted
> transverse- are these rear wheel drive?
>  Tell me all you can!!
> Brian

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