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Jim Snyder vanman at shentel.net
Sat Jan 26 17:36:20 EST 2002


Finally got a chance to go up to Miller VW/Suzuki in Stephens City on Rt. 11
just south of Winchester yesterday. I looked through the parts catalog with
Preston. We found what we thought was the correct part listed as #31 in the
schematic for the '82 diesel. I was surprised to see it was listed at 3mm or
3x2 or something like that. I had some trouble reading the schematic in the
poor lighting.
I hope that was the correct size as I thought it was bigger.  I ordered 1
meter for about $12. This is the hose that goes from the injector pump to the
first fuel injector. I think the part costs about $8.10 individually and is
listed as part number: 068 130 301

Maybe the ones that connect each injector are a different size? Was in a bit
of a hurry and did not look any further but will run by there again in a
couple days.


On Wednesday 16 January 2002 09:14 pm, you wrote:
> Hi Jim:
>      The Car Quest store in Kernstown,
> on Rte. 11 just North of the Rte. 37
> overpass carries diesel rated tubing.
> I don't know about the sizes. Volkswagen
> wanted to sell me a hundred feet of the
> stuff for a lot of money, that was the
> only way I could get it from them. They
> could not even tell me what size it was.
>     I doubt the people at AutoZone
> would know if their tubing was diesel
> rated. If not sure, you could get the
> numbers and manufacturers name and
> check with them. I think I asked the
> guy at AutoZone and got a "I dunno"
> kind of answer. Pleas let me know
> what you find out!
> Al
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