[Vwdiesel] sunroofs?

Josh josh_w at sprynet.com
Tue Jan 29 22:54:17 EST 2002

They drain out at the hatchback.   Lift the hatch, and up by the struts
you'll see hoses protruding on either side.

-Josh Westhoven
josh at geek-out.com

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> not diesel engine related,
> but,,, its the sun roof on my diesel rabbit (1980)
> can anyone tell me where  the  drains are for the *rear*?
> (if there are)
> (roll up type sunroof/two door)(leaky type)
> i know there are two l&r front and they exit by the
> front door hinges,
> are there two for the rear, and if so where do they exit.?
> i park down hill...no leak
>  park up hill..water pools in ' trough '
> and dumps on me when i get in :o(
> thank you.
> cassie
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