[Vwdiesel] difficulty of rebuilding a 1.6 NA?

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Wed Jan 30 02:39:30 EST 2002

> I was thinking of getting one of those hoists and engine stands that
>  a guy on ebay is selling in dutch auctions all the time and
>  rebuilding it. Somewhere in storage, i've got a bentley as well.

  What year is it?  If it's an A1 body then all you really need are some
blocks and a jack to get the engine out.  If it's an A2, it comes out the
top/front.  A/C makes this a bit of a pain.
>  How do you guys rate the difficulty? Given that there were no
>  problems with it, will it still need machine shop work? And are there
>  kits that provide all necessary gaskets, seals, etc.?
  You can probably get by with a re-ring but you'll want to check the bore
to make sure.  The head probably will need guides, exhaust valves seats
and intake valves ground and stem seals.  Stem length needs adjusted
after doing a seat grind.  If it only needs rings, it can all be done,
new main and rod bearings, if needed, in the car.  :)  If it needs bored then
the block needs to come out.  Unless it's run low or without oil, the crank
journals should be fine and in fact the bearings stand a good chance of
being very good.  The upper half of the rod bearings and the main thrust
get the most wear and should be checked closest.
  It's not that bad to do.  I've talked a few people through one.  Parts are
available lots of places.  I even have access to a reasonably priced source.
You'll want at least a head set and front engine seals, head gasket, bearings,
rings, valves and a good machinist.  Good means he'll listen and do what's
needed!  :)

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