[Vwdiesel] where is the list admin?

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Tue Jul 9 01:37:22 EDT 2002

>Isn't someone going to do SOMETHING about these stupid virus warnings?
> I know there's an active audi-vw diesels mailing list, so if this list
>is just turning to garbage, why not kill it now, gracefully?

  I'd really rather not see this list go away, since I followed it over to
it's present home from it's previous one, when it was run by Tom Guptil.
There are several list members that belong to this one and not the other,
and I'd like to be able to pick their brain from time to time in the future.

 That said, the virus situation is a little disturbing. I understand that
the list software is stripping the actual virus off before it gets posted,
but it's not exactly confidence-inspiring, especially when one of the
reasons for changing the software was to prevent spamming and viruses, or so
I thought.

 While I'm complaining,  :-))  there is a problem with the sign-up
instructions that prevents new subscribers, and even existing ones from
signing on using a new address, that has been present since the software was
changed a while ago. There's a work-around that I have posted to the list,
but new subscribers would have no way of knowing about it. I'd be willing to
bet that membership has been declining or at least not increasing since
then. I've e-mailed the list administrator, Dan Simoes, about this problem
with no response. Maybe others could let him know about it.

List administrator : dans at audifans.com  or, try this address :
owner-diesel at vwfans.com   or  owner-diesel at audifans.com .

 Dan, if you're listening and you'd like some help with the list, I'm
willing to do whatever I can, just let me know.


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