[Vwdiesel] Where is the list administrator?

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Tue Jul 9 11:22:17 EDT 2002

Hi, Dan,

    >>Viruses have increased easily tenfold in the last few months.  The
software is doing its job and preventing further infection, while
alerting both the sender and recipient that there was a virus.  Again,
what's the concern?<<

    Viruses have grown because internet use has grown exponentially.  People
are using it who weren't even a couple of years ago.  The list has grown,
    There also seems to be less patience these days.  Personally, I find the
messages in question to be reassuring.  Sandy and other listees have
explained the nature of the virus in question and I hope their explanations
and yours suffice to address the concerns.

    >>I have no idea what you're referring to here.<<

    There does seem to be an issue with subscribing which I, among others,
encountered when I had to change my email address.  That was earlier this
year, so I'm not sure it still obtains.
    What happens is that when a prospective listee subscribes, a
confirmation message is sent from the list server directing the prospective
subscriber to reply with the confirmation code.  Good idea; it keeps people
from being subscribed unless they want to be.
    Unfortunately, the address which the list server gives for sending the
reply to is incorrect.  I forget whether we're directed to reply to the
audifans.com or vwfans.com domain, but the confirmation replies bounced.
Redirecting the confirmation replies to the other domain works, though.
    You might be able to duplicate the problem by unsubscribing your own
address and attempting to resubscribe.
    It seems to have become more apparent as more listees of the yahoogroups
list get fed up with the advertising filler on that group and migrate to
this one, which is good news, I suppose.
    Scott Kair

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