[Vwdiesel] Master cylinder R & R?

Chance Vought cvaf4u at rhinocat.com
Mon Jul 15 17:30:35 EDT 2002

I had a rear brake cylinder leak like a sieve.  Stomped on the brakes
and hardly any braking force was available.  Luckily, it wasn't far
from home and I wasn't going fast.

So I look and there's no fluid in the resevoir.  I replace the rear
cylinders and bleed the systems.  One system(diagonally) worked.  I
then replace the master cylinder, bleed the system and all is fine.

My question though, is about the resevoir.  I had to reuse it on the
new master cylinder, except I can't seat it all the way down as with
the original cylinder.  I looked at the replacement master cylinder
and the rubber grommets that the resevoir fits into.  The
grommets/bushings aren't as deep (over all length of grommet/bushing
is shorter between the nipples and flair) as the original.  So now
there's a gap between the resevoir seat and the grommet/bushing
seats.  The gap is about the amount that the grommet/bushing is
short.  Does this sound like a problem?  I have no leaks or seeps at
the interface and the brakes have felt good.

85 VW Golf 1.6 NA

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