[Vwdiesel] '82 VW Westphalia diesel

Dan Cotter cotter at mhtc.net
Tue Jul 16 00:12:39 EDT 2002

> >     I figure either someone put too much oil in (not likely that much)
> else
> > the injectors need rebuilding and unburnt fuel is getting into the
> crankcase.
> Never underestimate the mechanical exploits of the dreaded PO (Previous
> Owner).

Also--never underestimate the professionals----everyone makes mistakes
The best buy I made was an 82 Rabbit D. Ford/Dodge dealership was the
service site. (small town). The Service manager called me ,as he knew I run
these cars a lot, said I should buy said vehicle since the owner was tired
of repairing. Their diagnosis was a blown piston or at least failed rings
since the car had 2 burned out glow plugs after they were recently replaced.
I bough it for $50.00, took it home and noticed it had extra oil--about 10
quarts total.
Changed oil, put in 2 used glow plugs and My daughter is still driving it
15,000 miles later. The car has little rust but several dents added
lately--oh well--

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