[Vwdiesel] '82 VW Westphalia diesel

maded maded at gte.net
Tue Jul 16 13:15:19 EDT 2002

It is very easy to put too much oil in these because of the crankcase shape.
 If the Van is not level, indicated oil on the dip stick can vary a ltr or

If the oil level is too high, the excess can be blown out around the
dipstick or filler cap.  The plastic filler cap on the 82 is very easy to
cross thread so that it does not tighten securely.  Also, you can easily
over-tighten and crack it.

Are you getting the idea that this part of the Diesel Vanagon is not the
best engineered solution?
The '83 is better, this is what you have to live with.

Unburnt fuel in the oil is very UN-likely due to the diesel cycle.

If I recall correctly, you may have a dynamic oil pressure switch on the
adapter, I think this must be a PO item or an adapter for an oil temp.

You are lucky to find such a wonderful vehicle with little rust.  Be patient
with it and it will treat you well for many years.

Ed Lowe, Seattle
82 Westy diesel upgrading to 1.9td
85 Golf diesel
92 Cabrio
97 Passat Tdi

>From: Harmon Seaver <hseaver at cybershamanix.com>

>    I figure either someone put too much oil in (not likely that much) or else
>the injectors need rebuilding and unburnt fuel is getting into the crankcase.
>I also notice that there is a electrical connector on the oil filter adaptor,
>what looks like a pressure switch, with no wire on it, no loose wires nearby
>that I can see. Any clues -- I don't have a manual yet for this one.

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