[Vwdiesel] intercooler ?'s

FJ40Jim at aol.com FJ40Jim at aol.com
Sat Jul 20 00:47:51 EDT 2002

A Volvo 745 TD recently followed me home and is now living in my garage.
These weird strays always seem to find me.  8^)
My question is how do I add an intercooler.  The turbo looks to be positioned
similar to the 5 cyl TD.  I have an intercooler from a gas 5cyl. turbo car
(85 5KST), but it might not have an outlet that is suitable for this vehicle.
 Anybody have a BTDT w/ the 6 cyl. VW TD engine?

Jim Chenoweth
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
7.3L IDI F350
2.4L TD 745

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