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Sat Jul 20 16:06:14 EDT 2002

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In a message dated 7/20/2002, LBaird119 writes:
> >  My question is how do I add an intercooler.  The turbo looks to be
> > positioned
> >  similar to the 5 cyl TD.  I have an intercooler from a gas 5cyl. turbo
> car
> >  (85 5KST), but it might not have an outlet that is suitable for this
> vehicle.
> >
> >   Anybody have a BTDT w/ the 6 cyl. VW TD engine?
>   There should be a fairly simple way to do it.  Get the parts from an
> intercooled gasser, from a yard.  I'm planning to intercool my 5KTD and
> for  the most part it'll just bolt up once I remove the secondary radiator,
> which is where the intercooler goes.  Since the manifold is basically the
> same as the Audi, and the Audi gasser is about the same as the Audi
> diesel...  You might be able to use some parts from a combination of
> the cars and only make a couple of tubes or hoses to complete it.
>   You'd think they'd be smart enough to put an intercooler on these
> things at the factory!  My 5000 runs enough boost almost all the time,
> to benefit from an intercooler even at cruise

That is the route I am leaning toward right now.  This is a relatively heavy
and boxy car, so it will take some horsepower to shove it down the highway at
70MPH.  If it is always on boost at cruise speed, then it would be more
efficient if it also has an intercooler.  The trick will be getting the turbo
clocked differently so the compressor outlet is not pointed straight at the
intake and then building the custom plumbing.  Does anybody have a source for
hose and thinwall aluminum tubing for building IC systems?

Jim Chenoweth
Lancaster, Ohio, USA

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