[Vwdiesel] blowing oil

Dan Cotter cotter at mhtc.net
Sat Jul 20 23:36:51 EDT 2002

I got no westy--just a bunch of rabbits for a long time.
I understand the stock westy diesel transmission is geared low; 55 mph being
the best top speed to run at--this van probably has a few miles on it--
My guess is that it is piston ring blow by while running flat out
Although the variability is not explained by this.

 found I could run a steady 65-67 top end so did that
> for about 4 miles, during which I noticed some blue (maybe black or grey,
> to tell when it's all behind you) smoke for awhile but which quit after a
. Went about 15 miles pedal to the metal, 65-67mph. Stopped,
> looked at the rear end, not a trace of oil
but> to my surprise, the back end was totally black with oil, and, even
worse, the
> engine was down 2 qts.

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