[Vwdiesel] blowing oil

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Jul 21 14:41:16 EDT 2002

  Most people tend to really baby the diesels so yours is likely no exception.
There's probably a lot of carbon around the rings and top of the cylinder.  I
wouldn't have headed out to top rpm quit that suddenly as a ridge of carbon
at the top of the stroke could break a top, compression ring.  It doesn't
like you did though. :)
  The engines are governed so you really won't over rev one but I wouldn't
drive it flat out all the time either.  I do make sure to rap it out on a
regular basis though.  It'll blow the carbon out of the exhaust, off the
valves, out of the combustion chambers.
  You may have a nearly plugged screen on the valve cover or you may
have a lot of carbon on the rings and they were almost sticking.  Either
one will get better with time when using the correct oil.  Which I think
everyone on this list does!  :)  The wrong oil will really leave a lot of
carbon all over inside the engine.  It takes a little time for the detergents
in the right oil to clean it all out.
  The first, watery black may have been from condensation in the exhaust.

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