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Nitz Karl-GKN001 Karl.Nitz at motorola.com
Wed Jul 31 17:29:34 EDT 2002

Looking at the site, I was more interested in the conversion kit for sealed
beam headlights (I have an '81 VW Rabbit Pickup).  The blue-tinted bulbs
included with the kit are probably crap, but does anyone have experience
with these sealed-beam to 9004 conversion kits?  I certainly would like
better light for my truck, and this seemed like an interesting possibility.

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Karl in Johnsburg, IL
'92 Audi 100S, 125k miles
'81 VW Rabbit Truck Diesel, 201k miles

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Or for an even better system for less money, go to www.showparts.com.

ShowParts.com has an 8000k HID system for under $500, not the $750
quoted at hids4less (note: these are prices for a 9004 system and only
used as a reference).

--- Mancubus wrote:
> I agree,
> With that said, an easy way to upgrade to a true Xenon set up would
> be
> to try one of these Plug and Play kits found here:
> www.hids4less.com
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> Don't waste your time or money, Mike.  These bulbs are simply for the
> boy
> racers to look "kewl".
> That said, all halogen bulbs with which I am familiar consist of a
> glass
> element, a tungsten filament, a small amount of a halogen (either
> iodine
> or
> bromine depending on the manufacturer) to scavenge vaporized
> tungsten,
> and
> a charge of an inert gas, commonly Xenon.  This is normal
> construction.  The bluish cast of the light from some of these "kewl"
> bulbs
> is simply a blue filter which absorbs some of the light from other
> portions
> of the spectrum in an effort to mimic the appearance of true HID
> lights.  This just reduces the overall light output of the bulb
> concerned.
> If you want HID lights then get HID lights.  Don't waste your effort
> with
> these "blue light specials".
> At 05:00 PM 7/30/02, Michael Friesen wrote:
> >Quick question:  has anyone tried the Xenon charged bulbs from Osram
> >Sylvania (Silver Star) or Phillips (Blue Vision or Vision Plus) ?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Mike
> >94 90S

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