[Vwdiesel] Synth oil

jonathan hoehl jjhoehl at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 7 04:34:03 EDT 2002

Well, thanks for all of the responses about the ATF - I think I'll just
spend the extra bucks and get genuine synth tranny lube.  That's something I
just want to fill and forget!

I like PB Blaster as a bolt breaker.  I'm not sure I have the foresight to
try synthetic before I break into a job ;)  It is amazing stuff - I know it!
  I bought a turbo Volvo with a bad rod bearing.  I changed out to synthetic
and it ran better than before.  I romped on it hard and finally blew it up
30,000 miles later after towing on a bad tank of gas.  The rod end wasn't
burnt and aside from the metal chunks and shavings inside, the engine was
clean as a whistle!

And actually, I have had studs back out too after synthetic leaks over them.
  Damn that stuff :)  Oh, and Diesel can be used as form release when
pouring concrete when you're in a pinch


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