[Vwdiesel] Re: Another leaky pump.....

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sat Jun 8 20:36:50 EDT 2002

  As a preface, I have been having problems receiving e-mail. There was
something wrong with my new server but it is supposed to have been fixed by
now. Unfortunately, I missed almost all of 4 days worth of e-mail so if
anyone replied, I may have missed it. Sorry.

 I procured two of the cheapest quarts of type F auto trans fluid that I
could find today, and proceeded to disconnect my supply and return lines on
the '85 Jetta once I got home. I used some short lengths of clear plastic
tubing and connected one to the inlet of the filter and the other to the
return port on the pump, and ran them into the opening of one of the quarts
of ATF. I fired it up and let it run until the fluid exiting the pump was a
deep red, then shut it down. I figure I'll put the second quart in the tank
if this works so it will get a booster shot. I'll try it again tomorrow and
see if it still leaks. Wish me luck! I'll post the results as soon as I know
what happened.


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