[Vwdiesel] injection pump adjust

Arthur Sauerhaft kivka at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 10 23:29:37 EDT 2002

I am working up the nerve to adjust the fuel flow screw on the forward
facing side of my injection pump.It is sealed with a wire tab and a crimped
collar. I understand I have to loosen the screw no more than an 1/8 turn at
a time. I am doing this because I recently had a 1.9 NA installed and feel I
should have slightly more power , the timing and pedal feel good. My
questionS are:
1) Are there any other ideas out there?
2) Do I make this adjustment with the engine running or not?
3) Am I looking for trouble?
'82 Vanagon Diesel (the Beast)
A BioDiesel project
Happily puttering along with a 1.9NA

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