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Now my 82 diesel vanagon won't start.  I can start it from jumper cables but
the battery doesn't have enough power to start it without them.  It was
starting no problem before today.  I'm guessing there's something wrong with
the alternator, not charging the battery.  I powerwashed the engine
yesterday but made sure the alternator was well covered.  I don't have any
tools to check any voltages or anything on the alternator.  Is there
anything I can do to troubleshoot this?  I did notice that there's a plastic
connector which the electrical wires run through and connect to the
alternator with.  Mines a little loose.  Any help much appreciated.

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Well, I walked back up to the 7-11 and pulled the dipstick and checked the
oil level. Sure enough I was low on oil. I usually add a quart every other
fill up (600 miles). Tomorrow is when I am due for a fill up again. So my
oil consumption must be up.

I added a quart of oil. Then got in and turned her over and she fired right

I am not sure if this is because the added oil or the fact that the oil in
the engine had a chance to cool down.

Al suggested that at higher oil temperatures the seal on the rings would
break down. This would seem to fit with what happened. Does being low on oil
increase oil temperature?

Loren, suggestion of a blown head gasket being the cause seems logical, but
I don't have any other signs that I know of for a blown head gasket, no
coolant in my oil or coolant leaks at all.

My water pump and thermostat are relatively new, did them about 18 months
ago. I may be going through more oil lately because I have a leak in my
valve cover gasket and I'm leaking oil onto the intake manifold (that I
haven't had time to fix). This would account for my increased oil
"consumption" lately. I also recently switched from the Mobil 1 synthetic I
use during winter back to Chevron Delo. Should I not be switching back and
forth like that. I have been doing this for the last couple of years as it
starts easier in the winter when it has the Mobil 1.

Anyway, thanks to all who responded.


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