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Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Wed Jun 19 23:06:05 EDT 2002

Adrian Snare wrote:
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> I would definately spring for a new battery, I do not think I have ever had
> one last more than four years. These long battery warranties are about
> worthless beyond 3 1/2 years.. A healthy charging system  should yield about
> one to two volts above the battery's charge.
> Adrian the madman
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	Any of y'all ever hear of a battery life extender based on
"Pulse Charge Technology"?  I was at some training for work
and an engineer with the Texas version of the EPA was
talking about some products (one called "Circuit Rider" for
example) that work on that principle.  Supposed to reduce
sulphur deposition on the battery plates and make batteries
last like three time as long.  A couple of websites:


	I'm a real suspiscious person, but hey, I'm willing to be
swayed.  Right after everyone else tries it first, though.

	Just curious if anyone had any first-hand knowledge.


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