[Vwdiesel] Golf relay noise

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Sat Jun 22 03:54:46 EDT 2002

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> Any ideas?
>   It does it a couple of times a day and it doesn't seem
>   to effect performance in any way when it happens.
>   Any ideas?

  Without looking or anything I'd guess it's your X relay.  It shuts off
certain electrical consumers while the key is in the start position.
There should be a letter designation for it so long as it's not clipped
to the top of the relay panel.  Also the relay will have the circuit #s
on the back of it while the socket will have pin numbers.  The glow
plug relay is usually about where the fuel pump relay goes and it's
easy to identify since two of it's terminals are BIG.  The slight idle
increase I'd say is from less load on the alternator.
>  Also does anyone have a good explanation why my 1.6 NA 5sp Golf is SO much
> zi
>  ppier and can comfortably cruise at 15 mph faster on the highway than my
>  NA 5sp Caddy.

  I have a friend that claims to be able to go over the pass in 5th gear in
Golf and I've never seen a VW non TD that could do such a thing.  The
Golf should be geared a little lower at minimum.  The highest Golf/Jetta
ratio will give you about 200 more rpm at a given speed than an FF tranny.
The others will be more.  Timing can make a difference as well as
different pumps.  Try my yellow dot pumped 1.5 sometime if you want to
experience a "zippy" diesel!  :)

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