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RP rmpserv at tds.net
Thu Jun 27 02:38:16 EDT 2002

Biodiesel produces less net greenhouse gas emission than any other fuel
source other than solar and wind. CO2 production for the same BTU content as
gasoline, the same scale as used previously, is 2746 grams. That is 1/4 the
CO2 of diesel, just over 1/3 the CO2 of ethanol, and 1/3 the CO2 of CNG.
The money paid for the fuel remains here in the states. It supports local

If I remember my high school chemistry (40 yrs ago)
the proper oxidation of a hydrocarbon
yields CO2 and H2O. Given this fact - I feel
the CO2 figures may have been misquoted.
The CO2 per a BTU should not vary that much.

Roy Piercey
Onalaska Wa

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