[Vwdiesel] hoses for TD

dieseltdi at earthlink.net dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 29 16:45:26 EDT 2002

OK guys I am having fits.  I am trying to finish up on the turbo engine so I
can put it into my truck but have run in to a problem.  I need the hose or
hoses that connect the oil cooler back into the water pump.  This is the
lower of the small connections to the water pump and where the return water
from the water pipe comes back to the pump.  I think the there may actually
be 2 hoses:  ONe from the water pipe to the pump and one from the oil cooler
to a side connection on the water pipe.  Could one of you turbo people check
this out for me and if any one has a complete set hanging around I sure
would appreciate it if you could sell them to me! :^)  Thanks, Hayden

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