[Vwdiesel] 0w30 Mobil 1

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On the side of the 0w30 Mobil 1 container it says, "Exceeds warranty
requirements for gasoline and diesel engines and performance requirements of
BMW, MB, VW and Porsche"

This is a clean running new TDI engine that maintains consistent high speed
daily driving. The extra 5 mpg is good enough reason for me to use it. The 0
weight gets lubrication to it very quickly at start up.

Is the viscosity all that important on the newer TDI's or isn't it better to
have superior lubrication?

For the record, all my previous 6 diesel VWs (except TDI's) and current '82
Vanagon diesel use Castrol 20W50 in summer and 10W40 in the winter. I have
exceeded 200,000 on all of them but the Vanagon with zero engine problems. I
change oil regularly at 3,000 with them.

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> I was under the impression that the Mobil-1 was *not* recommended for
> diesel use... it's intended for gas applications and doesn't handle soot
> well as a diesel-specific oil.  Also thought that the TDI wanted 5W40
> viscosity.
> There's probably not much of a need for a 0Wnn viscosity except under
> near-arctic conditions.  I get by year-round with 15W40 Rotella T-XLA
> (altho I'll start using Delvac-1 5W40 synth in winters from now on... got
> some at Walmart).
> rgds, g.
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> >Is anyone on the list using 0w30 Mobile 1? I switched to it a couple
> >years ago on my '99 Jetta TDI after someone on this list suggested it
> >talking with a Mobil Engineer. Apparently the engineer said that it was
> >the best oil Mobil made, period. Oil Change is at 7500 intervals. Cost?
> >About $30 (myself). The dealer charges $55 for Castrol Syntec 15w40. I
> >heard all the talk about diesel additives needed in the oil, etc. and
> >at 7500 for this reason. For 60% of the cost going to a dealer for an oil
> >change, I think I am making the most economical choice for my engine.
> >
> >The TDI engine ran smoother, started quieter in cold weather and gave
> >me about a 10% gain in fuel economy. I drive about 190 miles per day
> >trip from Shenandoah County, VA into Washington, DC under what I would
> >consider extreme driving conditions. I commute with several hundred
> >contractors
> >in a big hurry to get into Northern Virginia.
> >
> >I am pleased to say that my 2001 new Beetle TDI can keep up with the
> >any traffic and is holding up better than my previous A4 Jetta TDI (and
> >better seats!)in the NASCAR style traffic. It handles better than the
> >and has better brakes. I will be switching to the 0w-30 at my 30,000 mile
> >oil change in less than a
> >month.
> >
> >
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