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on 3/3/02 1:55 PM, Jim Snyder at vanman at shentel.net wrote:

> Folks
> On the side of the 0w30 Mobil 1 container it says, "Exceeds warranty
> requirements for gasoline and diesel engines and performance requirements of
> BMW, MB, VW and Porsche"
> This is a clean running new TDI engine that maintains consistent high speed
> daily driving. The extra 5 mpg is good enough reason for me to use it. The 0
> weight gets lubrication to it very quickly at start up.
> Is the viscosity all that important on the newer TDI's or isn't it better to
> have superior lubrication?
> For the record, all my previous 6 diesel VWs (except TDI's) and current '82
> Vanagon diesel use Castrol 20W50 in summer and 10W40 in the winter. I have
> exceeded 200,000 on all of them but the Vanagon with zero engine problems. I
> change oil regularly at 3,000 with them.
Al I can say is this, VW calls for 5W40 full synthetic.  It is an EGR
equipped engine which is beyond the ability of a CF rated oil to handle.
However, since you are essentally throwing unused oil away every 7500 miles
you maybe lucky.  My research has shown that TDI engines using CF rated oils
tend to develop clogging of the manifold due to the inability of the oil to
properly hold the soot in suspension.  The CF oils also tend to evaporate
much more quickly adding to the problem by coating the innards of the intake
system.  I would imagine that a 0 rated oil would be even worse for that.
Also, I hope you don't live in a hot climate, the 0 rated oil may allow your
engine to simply burn it self out due to lack of lubrication.  Now if I
lived on the north slope of alaska then maybe, just maybe, I would use it
for the winter time but NEVER in the summer.  Just my 2 cents, Hayden

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