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Has anyone on the list done any head work? I was thinking of having my head
flow tested and some port and polishing work done.I have a1.6td in a 83
westy. The 3in. intake and 2.5 ex. with no muffler really helped.I also am
running a saab intercooler and a big cone air filter.The boost is set at
12lbs.When I look at a diesel head I think there should some gain to be had
in that area.I would like to talk to any one out there that has experience
with this.
83 westy 1.6 td
85 quantum td
82 audi td

What I've read on this subject all indicate towards power increase. Even if=
 engine is turbocharged, it will benefit from easing the route how air will=
 be conducted into cylinder.

Sharp 90 degree bends create unwanted backpressure. Therefore all bends oug=
ht to be gentle (i.e. large radius). I would imagine that's why VW Motorspo=
rts opted to use another type intake manifold to be used intheir creation o=
f racing spec VW TDI. To my vague recollection the manifold is from SDI typ=
e VW diesel engine. It has a very nice & gentle design.
(See internet, punch letters " R-TDI " in a search engine to find info on s=
uch marvellous racing car).

If you wish to get head to flow, pay attention to above mentioned intake ma=
nifold and furthermore also exhaust manifold. Stock exh manifold can be scr=
apped entirely. Flow wise the stock unit is terrible, and only be moderatel=
y better even after some attention with grinding tools.
Have one made in an identical way as professional shops do it on gasser tur=
bo engines. Proper tube header will direct exh gasses to propell the turbo =
far better than cast iron unit ever could.

Go to 'about' - 'projects' - 'tdi'

Interesting stuff.



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