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Well just a bit more on the Caddy.  I ran a can of Diesel purge through it
today and it runs much smoother with virtually no smoke, gosh I love that
stuff. It was during this process and immediately after that I noticed that
the smell of the car running was quite different than I am used to. I
changed the fuel filter and the fluid in the filter was absolutely clear and
didn't smell like diesel.  This guy lives way out in the country and I
suspect that there may be a huge amount of Kerosene in the tank!  I will add
real diesel ASAP.  I also ran a can of engine flush into the crank case and
ran it for 10 minutes before draining and putting in new oil and a new
filter.  It was at that point that I found the "significant oil leak" I had
been told about.  Oil was coming out of the dipstick hole and out from
behind the block off plate on the block that supplies oil to the vacuum
pump.  At first the oil out the dipstick really bothered me because I
thought that it meant a series blowby problem despite the lack of pressure
in the overflow tank. Upon closer inspection I found that all that was left
of the dipstick was the wire and a small metal washer that had been
soldiered to the wire to keep it from going all the way into the engine
block.  No plastic collar, no nothing to prevent oil from moving up the hole
and out.  It is not spraying out, just moving up and out by the vibration of
the engine.  The body of the caddy is in great shape just a few dents and
some surface rust.  The interior however is horrible.  It will need new
seats, headliner, carpet and eventually the dashboard.  How hard is it to
put an A2 dash into an A1.  I know that it is possible but does anyone have
the info?  If you want to see pics of the truck go to:


More as I work on it.  Hayden

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