[Vwdiesel] Bucking TDI/ was "A new member in the family!"

Mike Sauve msauve at altavista.net
Mon Mar 11 18:25:50 EST 2002

My daughter's '97 Jetta (a gasser) had similar behavior, caused by bad engine mounts. They would let the engine rock when accelerating/decelerating, and when they would finally "catch," you'd get a surge. That wouldn't explain the "goes away when warm," though.

At 11:23 AM 3/11/2002 -0500, Fernando Fiore wrote...
>   YES!  My dad's 97 Jetta TDI does that bucking/surging with a slight
>touch of the throttle, almost feels like you can't drive a stick shift, like
>you let off of the clutch too fast.. but I played with it and it does the
>same thing at idle.  When it gets warm, it goes away.  I don't have a clue
>what it could be!

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